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Adding a Water Feature to Your Yard

Mar 15, 2020

Water fountainDo you feel your backyard is lacking a certain something? A water feature might be just the thing to bring new life to your outdoors! There are many different types of water features to consider, such as a pond or a waterfall. Flowing or still water has a peaceful relaxing quality to it. Water features allow you to bring a natural beauty right into your own yard. Worried that the care and upkeep of a water feature may not be worth the hassle? Actually, they are much less labor intensive than you may think. By following a few simple guidelines and understanding how your water feature lives and breathes, you can enjoy this natural work of art for as long as you own your home.


Water fountains are considerably easier to deal with then a water garden. Fountains must be regularly cleaned, but really require little upkeep. If you want a successful water garden you will probably need to invest a little more time, especially when you’re first trying to get it established. When creating a water garden, it is vital that you understand the relationships between the plants and animals coexisting in this environment. If you want your water garden to thrive, you’ll need to take special care to choose the right fauna and flora.

Backyard pond

The Green Problem

Many new pond owners have problems with algae. If you don’t want to be cleaning out your pond every few weeks, adding a few fish can greatly help. Floating plants can also help to reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the algae. Ensure you don’t have an excessive amount of chlorine in your water, especially if you have fish. You may want to install a pump and/or a filter along with regularly checking the pH level of water (should be between six and eight).

Many people find that adding a water feature to their yard can literally transform their entire surroundings. Ponds, fountains, and waterfalls add a natural beauty and serenity to any outdoor area, no matter how small or modest. Once your pond is established you will likely find the upkeep to be quite minimal.

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